Hidden Road Announces New Integrations to Prime Brokerage Platform

Hidden Road has announced new integrations to its credit intermediation and prime brokerage platform in collaboration with leading digital asset trading venues, ISVs and liquidity providers. Hidden Road counterparties now have more control over their trading execution footprint as the Hidden Road platform expands to more holistically cover counterparty trading strategies.

The following digital asset trading venues are now available on the platform:

  • AsiaNext
  • Bitfinex
  • Bullish
  • Coinbase International Exchange, following integration with Coinbase Exchange in 2022
  • Deribit (including Options)
  • OKX (including Nitro Spreads)
  • SDX, a SIX company

In addition to integrating with the above-named venues, Hidden Road fully supports BlackRock’s BUIDL token as collateral in its credit network.

The following ISVs are supporting Hidden Road’s offerings:

  • Talos
  • TT

The following liquidity providers are supporting Hidden Road’s offerings:

  • B2C2
  • IMC
  • Laser Digital

For additional integrated partners, please refer to the announcement of the launch of HiddenRoad’s Digital Asset OTC platform.

About Hidden Road

Hidden Road Partners is the global credit network for institutions, enabling seamless access to traditional and digital markets. Conflict-free and built on a modern technology stack, we remove complexity and cost in prime brokerage, clearing and financing. For more information, please email in**@hi********.com

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